Seventh Wave

by Amy Gillespie

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    A self-produced EP that I have spent the winter working on. Inspired by the process of raw, live-take, acoustic recording I have developed this sound as a homage to the past and to the artists - Dylan, Neil Young, Nick Drake, Joni Mitchell, John Martyn, to name but a few - that continue to make it all worth it.. for me, anyway.
    Photo Credit CK Goulding

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released April 2, 2016



all rights reserved


Amy Gillespie London, UK

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Track Name: Restoration
Sing to me my trepidation
in silent surround
Dug up from the cold ground
a life unfound

Time is growing older and it has told
that no we are not gold,
and our hearts cannot be sold
to fill spaces in the cold.

Tell me please your expectations
of me,
for I cannot be
all of your imaginary.

Leave with me no sensation
my skin is sand,
and I will form the land
as was always planned.


Will you be my restoration,
and let me be,
for I cannot breathe,
if you leave
your love
with me.
Track Name: Seventh Wave
Seventh wave
break for me
take me out
to where I cannot see,

Eleventh hour,
unpave the way
be the day
I can no longer stay

Wont you fly with me,
out into the darkness
out beyond the sea
can't you carry me
beyond my understanding
into the mystery.

For here i live
an island life
and the sharks surround me
they are not afraid to bite

Down on my soul
down on my mind
and down I will go.


For I am only waiting on a higher tide
for there isn't that much time that I can bide
and I am only waiting on a brighter light
or a darker night
a chance that might..
Track Name: Golden
I went out to find the hillside pines,
the dusty mines and the golden times,
I went out to look for a brand new face
good times disgrace, that heavenly place, just in case.

But i can hear the music and feel the blues,
but am i seeing things,
because I
see you.

The city lit up its darkened eyes,
its night disguise in which you confide,
and time took off with a cry
and took you high away from me and this
sullen sky.

I followed the river looking for the sea,
together we learnt in its twisted path
it holds the key.
So don't chase the cliff tops looking for despair
look in this city air where the darkness,
really cares.


You went out hunting the divine
fool your own mind but don't
waste my time,
The hunter and the hunted form a cross
and at themselves they shot until
all was lost...

Track Name: Peace of Mind
There's a searching space in your eyes today,
Where the land meets the sea
and the sea meets the sky,
where the mountains climb and the eagle flies,
But when that north wind blows you'll be gone,
By and bye.

But no babe, i can never be,
All those things you want
and all those things you need,
And not for love nor money's sake
will i walk the path
that endless yearning takes.

There's a careful weight in your leaving words
and I feel them turn heavy, heavy in my mind,
But they will not touch my racing heart
and with no place to rest, with you
they must depart.


But that north wind came with its game of chance
and it drew you and I such very different hands,
But i feel no ache, nor hollow pain
for this land we love is the same, the same, the same...

There's a joyful dance in the light as it plays
where the land meets the sea
and the sea meets the sky,
Where the hills roll beneath the buzzard's eyes,
there's enough laying quiet to forever find,
there's enough right here for my
peace of mind.
Track Name: Gone
Saw you down by the river today,
head in your hands, oh boy were you kneeling to pray?
And maybe you saw me too,
or maybe this mask of oh sweet mystified blue..